About Us

Technozam is a smart WordPress blog that provides detailed information about  WordPress guides, tutorials, WordPress plugins, themes, cloud hosting news, affiliate marketing, SEO guides, Google Adsense program guides, blogging and much more in a friendly manner.

Our primary motto is to educate newbie blogger about WordPress and enlighten them about how to create sophisticated WordPress websites and blogs at a minimum cost without a help of a developer.

Founders Of  Technozam

Technozam has been founded by Vivekanand Arumanda a tech enthusiast. And, it is collaborated by his wife Devi Mounica who is also one of the author and administrator of this blog.

Here are few more details about them!!

Vivekanand Arumanda

Vivekanand Arumanda is a hardcore blogger who is blogging for more than ten years now. Screenwriters Arena happens to be his very first blog where he used to write about film script writing and film-making techniques. Because of few technical reasons, he quit Screenwriters Arena and started to focus on his regular job. After few years, again he started blogging. Now, Technozam happens to be his platform to showcase his love towards WordPress and WordPress related stuff to it. The main reason to start this blog is, when he thought of starting a blog on WordPress none helped him and when he approached few companies for launching his blog they have demanded a considerable amount of money for simple one-click WordPress Application install. At that very moment, he started to learn about WordPress and WordPress security. So, now he wants to share his knowledge about WordPress through this blog. You can follow him on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

Devi Mounika Arumanda

Devi Mounika hails from Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. She holds a degree in Bsc., Electronics. She right now resides in Pune, Maharastra. She is a part-time blogger. She loves to write about WordPress and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) related stuff. Writing and reading are her hobbies. And, she loves link building strategies. She will be upfront to help her fellow bloggers. Feel free to contact her.

You can email her at [email protected], or you can follow her on FacebookTwitterInstagram.