The Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog: 2018 Edition

Here is the list of best Google Adsense alternatives.When it comes to paid online marketing, Google AdSense is surely the master of all other web-based marketing programs. The program is not only well renowned for providing genuine ads, but it is also can be considered as the highest payer available online. The only drawback which surrounds with Google AdSense is the strict set of protocols which need to be followed by the webmaster.

Getting your account approved to display ads on your website by Google is surely not an easy nut to crack. And even if you somehow manage to appeal Google, the next step is to ensure that your account doesn’t get blocked. And in case the account gets blocked, getting it back to work is simply next to impossible. This is the main reason that bloggers and webmasters often need to navigate to other alternatives to Google AdSense.

In this article, we shall be covering a few alternatives which you may opt for in case your request for Google AdSense has been rejected or Google has blocked your account for any reason.

Amazon Display Ads

In 2018  Amazon displays ads are one of the popular alternatives for Google Adsense. I have seen many bloggers opt for Amazon display ads. If you have huge traffic from US or EU then this is the best available option for you. You can learn more about Amazon display ads from here

You can use Amazon affiliates to as an alternative source of income 🙂 if you don’t have an Amazon affiliate account then you can sign up here Amazon Associates.


The best alternative to Google AdSense is surely none other than RevenueHits. The program owners do confirm that they are not better than Google, but then they even say that they are the best AdSense alternative in the market. With RevenueHits, you may display various types of ads including pop-unders, banners, sliders, banner ads, buttons, etc. Minimum payout for the program is $20 for PayPal or Payoneer transfers and $500 for wire transfers. Registration can be done on official site for free of cost. The only issue which bloggers have reported with this campaign is that getting approved to display ads might take a bit of time.


Infolinks is an advertising campaign which can be considered to be the most unique among all the available advertising programs. Using info links, you may display 4 types of ads namely intext, inframe, in tag, and in fold.

  • Intext: Under these types of ads, particular keywords are highlighted on the web pages with double underlines, and whenever the mouse cursor hovers on those keywords, relevant ads are shown to the user.
  • Inframe: This particular ad is shown on the sidebars of the webpage
  • Infold: If a user searches for a particular keyword, then Infold ad provides relevant ads to the user before he enters your site.
  • Intag: Below the content, a double-underlined keyword is added in Intag, which on being hovered provides relevant ads.


Bidvertiser offers targeted text ads, banner ads, and mobile ads. The minimum payout under this campaign is $50 for check and $10 via PayPal. The background working with Bidvertiser might take some time getting used to as it allows a bidding system under which the highest bidder gets the chance to display his ads on the specified blog. As the bidding system is a bit complex, you might have to wait for some time before the highest bidders bid for your blog and contact you.

 Propeller Ads Media

Some of the best things which have made Propeller Ads Media to make a space in the top five include 24 by 7 support, good referral programs, detailed statistics on real-time, high CPC rates, etc. As per the special referral system under this campaign, you even receive up to 5% on every referral you provide to Propeller Ads.


The Adversal campaign not only provides a high CTR, but it is also available in several languages which gives it an edge as compared to other campaigns. The minimum requirement to get approved for Adversal account is to have at least 50,000 page views in a month. The minimum payout with Adversal is $20 and you may accept payments via PayPal, Wire transfer, Check, ACH, etc. It even offers an affiliate program.


VigLink works by converting normal links on the website to affiliate links. For example, if you have written an article describing the features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and a link has been converted to purchase link for the same mobile, then you would surely earn a good commission if the user buys the phone from that link. VigLinks continues to automatically add affiliate links or it keeps on changing the existing links to affiliate links. There’s no minimum payout when it comes to VigLink campaign. is quite similar in working to Google AdSense as it provides relevant ads to the user depending upon the niche of the blog on which ad is to be presented. For example, if you own a blog on laptops and you choose to show ads, then you would be provided with laptop ads only and nothing else. This can be pretty helpful as a similar type of ads ensure number of clicks from users.


Chitika has emerged as one of the best Google AdSense alternatives especially due to the reason that it daily ad revenue which is missing even with AdSense. The account can be created easily even if you have low traffic on your site. Chitika basically provides three types of ads namely Local Ads, Search Targeted Ads, and Mobile Ads.


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