Here is the list of best WordPress security plugins.Everyone who is aware of blogging is very much familiar with WordPress. Here we are going to know about some best WordPress security plugins, which can make your website more secure from being hacked. These WordPress Plugins are bits of software that can change the functionality of your WordPress site. So let us see them in detail. Here you need to know one more thing that is you can anytime install or uninstall these plugins from your admin area. For this, you need to follow some simple steps.

Here Is The List Of Some Best WordPress Security Plugins


Sucuri is the free security plugin for WordPress. This is provided to all the WordPress users for free and is meant to complement the existing outlook. There are some unique features offered by this plugin to increase the positive effect on things that are related to security. They are

Security Activity Auditing: This monitor all the security-related issue is WordPress. This feature allows you to keep an eye on various things that are happening on your website. The attacker cannot wipe all the data and prevent further security analysis after a compromise. Sucuri Security Operations Center will keep your entire data safe along with the login details.

File Integrity Monitoring: This is the essential security feature worldwide with most primary host intrusion detection systems. It will have the information about plugins, themes and core files.

Remote Malware Scanning: Free Security Scanner is providing this powerful scanning engine which is vital to understand how the scanner works. More information regarding this will be found in further steps.

Blacklist Monitoring: This security blocklist is including Sucuri Labs, Google safe browsing, Norton, AVG, Phish Tank, ESET, McAfee site advisor, Yandex, Spamhaus, Bitdefender, etc. Considering all the above things they can tell us whether anything is flagging negatively on your website regarding security-related issues.

Effective Security Hardening: Using this 100% clean will take place on websites every day. Most effective security presentations are added in this section which complements the entire Sucuri suite products.

Post hack security Actions: This feature can be used when something is going wrong inevitably on your site. Once this is checked in it will help you resolve all the security problems.

Security Notifications: These notifications keep you updated about your site time to time when something goes wrong at any point in time. Even though you have all another thing active and this feature inactive, then it is a waste. According to your choice, you can set the alert settings.

Website Firewall: This feature can protect you from many things such as DOS/DDOS attacks, zero-day disclosure patches, exploitation of software vulnerabilities and brute force attacks your control.

How to install this plugin – Sucuri:

Installation of this plugin will take just a few minutes and also very simple.

  • Step into you WordPress Administration Panel then in the plugins category click on “Add New.”
  • In the input box search for “Sucuri” there you can find “Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening.”
  • Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the next page where you will Find “Activate Plugin.”
  • Then you find “Generate API Key” by clicking on it;
  • You will start the process of plugin installation which will be confirmed by the popup.


For your website what all security standards you expect to see on your site are available in Wordfence. A naturally updated threat defense feed it stands in the first position to protect your site from hackers. From your live traffic view, it is easy for Wordfence to stop the attempts of hackers in every step by them. This service is 100% free and can provide you premium support, country blocking, scheduled scans and many other things including the IP address of the website for any other spamvertize.As there are good and bad in everything here, also there are some features that we need to see whether good or bad.

Pros: It has so many features which you cannot even count them. To increase the protection levels, the plugin is being regularly updated. You can choose either free or premium version depending on your demand or what you are willing to do. For this plugin you need not feel discomfort in the updating it, there is the technical support that will always be ready to help you.

Cons: While you opt for technical support you need to wait till some representative takes your call and answer your questions or doubts. You may not find the exact results that are expecting if you will not install the plugin correctly. Sometimes without any warning, the plugin will shut down which is caused due to wrong inputs or any other changes.

BulletProof Security

This plugin is providing many options to the users on security-related issues. Using this you can keep your site safe from hackers. One of those options is Security Status, which allows you to check the file permissions for the core folders and records. The status of the archive will be verified on the server and show specific .htaccess file security measures. Next comes Security log which will enable the Error log for your WordPress website. From the security log section, you can also delete the record when it exceeds the limit.

Systems info is the option where you can find the server related issues like Server, Opcode, Cache, Accelerators, IP information, Database, PHP server and BPS Pro Server, which are used to analyze the security risks. There is another option called Backup and Restore which allows you to backup .htaccess files when they become corrupted when it is tried to hack.

Through the plugin, you can edit or update the information or even lock to prevent writing on it. You can do this by directly editing the code. Maintenance mode is also an excellent option where you can edit the website keeping it in Maintenance mode. You can also put your text on the screen.

How to Install: First you need to login to WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins section. There you can find Add new and search for security then click on Install Now. Once the plugin is installed then click on Activate Plugin.

iThemes Security

There are about 30+ features in the iThemes plugin to protect your WordPress site. Hackers are increasing day by day. Nearly 30,000 websites are being hacked on each day to target these hackers iThemes plugin is very helpful. Tom Kibble Chennai physicist whose role is crucial in the theory of Higgs Boson died on Thursday. He is 83 years old, and Prof. Kibble is working with Blackett Laboratory at Imperial College.

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“While Professor [Walter] Kibble, with a Mathematics Tripos (Cambridge University), and Doctorate in Statistics (Edinburgh), contributed to the growth of the Mathematics Department in the College, Janet served as the first warden of the women’s hostel in Guindy,” Mr. Kalapati said.

All in One WordPress Security Plugin

This is the WordPress security plugin will take your website to the next level. To install or makes changes to this plugin it is not that hard and not a complicated task with .htaccess rules. Even though the interface of WordPress is very easy and straightforward, there are some users still complaints about plugins that will make their work accessible. Here this plugin will inspect your site regarding the security features of your site.

This plugin will categorize the elements into three types like Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. These features will safely enable some security features without breaking the functionality of your site. Once you start your plugin by clicking Activate button from that time it is taking care of your website is security related issues.

Install: First you need to download “All-in-one-wp-security” plugin, and then upload the .zip file in the plugins area. Go to Plugins click on Add New. Then activate the plugin in the settings menu.

6Scan Security

If you want to protect your site from Hackers, this is the best option you can choose. 6Scan security is the most valuable auto fix protection that you can provide to your website. This plugin involves some sophisticated algorithms that can automatically fix the security issues. Experts say that this plugin is always up to date and can perform with excellent results.

There are some significant things that this scanner finds and protect are SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, CSRF, Directory traversal, Remote file inclusion and OWASP security vulnerabilities. Also, there are some benefits with this plugin they are Automatic Vulnerability Fix, Automatic Malware Fix, and One Click Installation, Web Application Firewall, Brute force protection, Dual Scanning, Security Badge, Blacklist monitoring, top security experts, and Research.

Install: Download the .zip file that containing plugin to your site on WordPress. Add New is the option where you can upload the plugin. To start the process of installation and make the plugin live click on activate the plugin. You can understand that the plugin is installed by seeing the message at the top.

Acunetix Security

This plugin is WP security which is free and provides many features for it. Acunetix checks your site for the safety vulnerabilities and suggests some actions like Passwords, File Permissions, Database Security, Version hiding, WordPress admin protection, Removes WP Generator META tag. There are also some key features that are protecting your website using this plugin.

Install: Before uploading any plugin what you need to do is to back up the present data of the plugin. Now download the package and upload the extracted files for WP content, plugins, directory.

Move Login

This feature of WordPress can forbid the present URL and create a new one which ends with login or log out. The main translations of this plugin are US-French, French, Serbo-Croatian, Hebrew. There are some requirements to install this plugin. Such as it should work on IIS7+ servers Rewrite rules are not automatically written for Nginx servers.
Install: From the downloaded .zip file extract the plugin and upload of-move-login folder to plugins directory. But before you install this plugin you need to check whether any other plugin redirections are made. Otherwise, both will conflict with each other. Activate the plugin with the necessary changes if needed with FTP access to the rules provided in the settings page.

Google Authenticator

This plugin will give you two-factor authentications by using Google Authenticator app on your smartphone for two-factor authentications on Gmail/Dropbox/LastPass/Amazon etc. If you want to see your website on Android/iPhone app with any other software using XMLRPC interface you can add App passwords to it. But sometimes these app passwords may make your site less secure.

WP Antivirus Site Protection

This is the security plugin to detect malicious viruses and suspicious codes. This plugin will backdoors, rootkits, Trojans horses, worms, fraud tools, adware, spyware, hidden links, redirection, etc. There are some features in this plugin like deep scan on your website, virus update, alert notifications by email, whitelist solution, check the security reports online and brute force protection.

This scanner can detect these types of malware like MySQL and JavaScript injections, Website defacements, Hidden iFrames, PHP Mailers, Social Engineering Attacks, Phishing Page Detection, Redirects, website anomalies, drive-by downloads, cross-site scripting, rootkits, Trojan horses, internet worms, and much more.

Hide my Site

You need to choose a single password to protect your WordPress site. The only way to log on this site is with your unique password. For this what you need to do is go to settings and click on hide my site and Enable password protection. You can also choose the duration that one user can stay on your site.

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