Here is the article that details few facts about why buy premium WordPress theme.WordPress premium themes are the best option for any blogger to make his site user-friendly. You may also think in many ways why to invest in premium themes while you are getting free themes online. But in any business the more you spend the more you get profit. In the same way here also in blogging, we have to invest our time and money to reach your targets soon without many complications.

There is the reason that you should consider mainly to use these theme. In free themes you don’t have the flexibility to design your blog, all the clusters are found, and you need to set them all which never satisfy you. Also, there are few other reasons to choose “Premium WordPress Themes.”  Let us find the ideas in brief:

Tips To Buy A Premium WordPress Theme

There are some essential things to keep in mind before you buy a premium them. Let us see what they are:

  1. Customer Support
  2. Unique Design
  3. Security
  4. SEO Friendly
  5. Theme Options
  6. Price

Here Are Few Reasons Why Buy Premium WordPress Themes


When one is very much scared of coding as they don`t have much knowledge in it, then the first thing you need to see is support. The support team of any theme will have a forum where you can express your doubts and get the response from them immediately. Another plus point is sometimes in these forums you will come across the similar questions. People like have already raised their questions and get answered. So from those, you can act smart and clear your problem. For this just search the forum once, before you start to put your query.

Look And Design

Look, and design of the site plays a significant role in attracting the visitors. Yes, the colors we use, the feel we give through our site design plays a significant role in online business. So, it is always good to have a unique design for your WordPress site. In WordPress themes, we have more options to modify our sites like skins and colors, etc. There are vast numbers of designs we can find in these premium themes. Rather than the Free themes, these Premium themes add more look to your site.

Theme Options Panel

Theme options are the main reason why people like me love premium themes. I don’t like to touch the code if given a chance. That is what precisely a theme options panel does. You can make some changes to your theme without affecting the code. Including additional CSS codes and Google analytics codes too. My advice would always opt for a theme which is equipped with excellent theme options.


When you are ready to choose a free theme, then you are at high risk. Yes, precisely what you hear is true because these days hackers concentrate on free theme Website where they can get easy access. As the security options are decidedly less in free themes, hackers opt for those sites with free themes. So when you are serious about your site and its security, then you need to go for Premium themes of WordPress. Free themes don’t come with any support or with any updates.

Compatability With Latest Version Of WordPress

As a WordPress user, you might be knowing that WordPress will schedule frequent updates. As the  WordPress version get upgrades, it sometimes may result in the breaking of the site because of compatibility issues.  If you have a premium theme in your hand, then they will automatically update the theme to suit the latest version of the WordPress which may not be the same case with the free themes. Don’t even think about the nulled theme too!!

SEO Friendly

Your site having an SEO friendly theme is very important to boost your traffic. Not all the sites are SEO friendly by default. For this developers need to put more efforts to make site SEO. As this is the reason, some themes are not SEO friendly. If your site is search engine friendly, it can boost your organic traffic. If you apply SEO friendly themes, there are so many benefits like it will increase organic traffic and gives the visitors excellent experience with your site.

Getting organic traffic to your blog is not an easy task. Many bloggers invest loads of money in improving their blog traffic. In spite of that spend your money to buy a premium blog with all the features you want. This can get more visitors to your page and increase your revenue.

Unencrypted Footer

When you next time come across a free theme take a few seconds and try to examine the footer section. It will contain links to some sites. And they are encrypted. You can disable them. It’s a huge set back regarding SEO. Google dislikes these kinds of links since this type of links are paid links. And, most importantly we don’t know that in free themes there lies a chance of encrypted links in the body of the theme too. Whereas, in premium WordPress themes the code will be clean, with clean footers.


It is more robust to hire a developer to design a theme for your website. Buying is the premium theme is more affordable these days when compared to a hired developer. It may cost nearly $2000 to invest in a developer for your site. But when you go for premium themes you can get them anywhere between $40 to $150.

Hope the above information helped you to choose a theme for your blog. For any other information comment us below and share your thoughts with us.

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